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Be your own boss in a growing industry Become a Professional Photo Organizer

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If it does, then you have found your people! We're here to help you start your own
Professional Photo Organizing Business!

What is a Professional Photo Organizer (PPO)?

👉 A professional photo organizer helps families and/or businesses with their printed photo & digital media collections. They curate the photo collection to create beautiful albums, slideshow and/or photo keepsakes that tell the family/business story thus preserving it for generations to come.

PPO Insider is a one-of-a-kind membership for entrepreneurs ready to take the leap! You’ve spent time figuring out what your passion is and now it’s time to start making money.

The training you need is all here…in PPO Insider!

We have active clients and profitable businesses and we’re going to show you how we do EVERYTHING!

Photo Organizing Business

Introducing PPO Insider Membership


PPO Insider membership is a training community for entrepreneurial women in all stages of their photo organizing businesses.

It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of building, running and growing a successful photo organizing business.

Plus the community support you need to ensure your membership achieves its full potential.

PPO Insider will guide you:

Make Money

Build a business you love that generates the income you want AND finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle you desire. Make money & make a difference!

Build Your Confidence

Learn from like-minded colleagues. With practice you will perfect your language and business skills and confidently build ideal client relationships.

Improve Your Workflow

Unlimited access to our Digital Photo Organizing Course (DPO) that provides you with a solid process & a proven system that will make your workflow smooth sailing.

Find Your Ideal Clients

Language skills and word choices matter. Attract the ideal client you want to connect, engage and work with.

Be part of a Community

Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of
photo organizers and experts
who support each other

Learn Business Basics

Become infinitely better at managing your business on a day-to-day basis so that you have more time and less stress.

What makes PPO Insider awesome?

We Talk Money

It's hard to know what to charge for your photo organizing service. It doesn't have to be scary and we want you to be profitable from the start!

Access to Expertise

Talk to practicing photo organizers with active projects and paying clients! No more re-inventing the wheel when you can tap into experience in the photo industry.

Behind the Scenes

We started working together and pulling the curtain back to show each other how we do things. So insightful and helpful… Now we get to do that for PPO Insiders!

No B.S. Allowed

We're transparent and we keep it real with what we know (and what we don't know!) No false promises, just honest advice about what works for us!

Recorded Q&A Calls

A golden hour of opportunity to listen to photo organizing business questions answered live in a group coaching call with different levels of photo organizers.

We Walk the Talk

We implement what we teach with our own clients. We keep up with ever-changing technology. No theory or concepts of what we think "might work" here!

Hi, we're Sherra & Rita

Mom of 4. Mom of 2. We get it. Owning a business and being a mom is a juggling act. Celebrating memories and milestones with photos and stories help us to remember why we do what we do. 

We’re committed to helping women become successful entrepreneurs. We have worked together since 2012. In that time, we have helped over 350 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Let’s keep it real – starting a business is fun, but it’s still hard work! We each run our own profitable photo organizing business with 3-5 clients which means we walk the talk. 

Making money and being home with our family is a win/win. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

Photo Organizers Sherra and Rita

What Other Photo Organizers Have to Say…



Listen, Learn, Implement

52 weeks of topics including: Business Basics, Revenue Streams, Client Management, Album Design & Client Case Studies. We take HOT topics from the community forum and dive deeper into them.

Since we have photo organizing clients too, we share what is going on in our business, what we learn and how the world we are living in is making us show up to do hard things. 

monthly calls


Over 20 recorded calls where we answer questions from members.

The recorded library is packed with valuable real photo organizers questions!  There are jumplinks to all questions and topics discussed.

The jumplinks save you time and make it really easy to go directly to the question/answer that you want to know more about!


The heart of our PPO Insider home is our community. It’s the place to stop by every day and you know you’ll connect with other like-minded photo organizers. Ask questions, get feedback and feel supported!

Our members have a diverse range of skills and expertise. It’s a great feeling to know they make the Insider forum the 24/7 resource to help you.

We have a powerful search feature that is built in so you can search for any topic you’re interested in!

photo organizer community
digital photo organizing


Included with annual membership! A $247 value!

The DPO course is a 4 part class + bonuses with each part!
DPO 101 – learn best practices of DPO workflow
DPO 201 – learn how to navigate levels of organizing and best practices for renaming files
DPO 301 – learn how to create solutions that match your client’s needs. We talk about rating, sorting, keywords and metadata.
DPO 401 – is about key technology players & tools

Plus a BONUS training on how to use the software Photo Mechanic – our recommended software for digital photo organizing

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Is PPO Insider Right For You?

PPO Insider is NOT for everyone and we don’t want to waste your time.
We know that “everyone” is not our ideal client. Let’s decide if we’re a good fit BEFORE you join…

What Other Photo Organizers Have to Say…

Frequently Asked Questions

You get access to everything inside PPO Insider immediately! No waiting for content to be released, just jump in and start making use of the training as quickly as you want to.

DPO 101: Learn best practices of digital photo organizing workflow. We cover six key steps to help you master the first level of digital photo organizing.

DPO 201
: Learn how to develop a custom blueprint for each client, confidently navigate levels of photo organizing and best practices for renaming files.

DPO 301
: Learn how to create a hybrid system. We address rating, sorting, keywords and the importance of metadata. Learn to create solutions that match your client’s needs.

DPO 401
: Upon completion of this course you will be able to deliver a customized digital photo organizing system for each client and meet them where they are at.

**BONUS**Photo Mechanic Training
: A tutorial on how to use the powerful software Photo Mechanic (PM) to view, organize, cull, rename, keyword and export photos. PM is a super fast browser software (Mac & PC options) which means you can work through thousands of images very fast.

3 easy steps:
1) listen to DPO 101 – DPO 401 (included in membership)
2) take the certification test
3) pass the certification test 🙂

Once you pass the test, you will receive
Personalized certificate to print (pdf)
DPO credential badge to add to your website

2 ways:
1) You can ask questions and get advice, support and feedback any time within our community.
2) Our recorded Q&A sessions where you can hear questions from other organizers with Sherra & Rita’s expertise.

How would it feel to get training and support from successful and profitable practicing photo organizers? That alone is why you should invest – this is a niche industry and we are in the thick of it. Why reinvent the wheel when we have laid the ground work for success and profitability and are sharing it with you at PPO Insider!

Where else can you get a monthly call where you get YOUR business questions answered live on a monthly call. And, it’s recorded and in the PPO Insider library – so you can listen anytime at your convenience.

Join us today if your are committed to building a profitable photo organizing business!

Nope…you probably already know we don’t *love* Facebook. Our community is a private forum and the robust features are sooo cool! Searchable with all kinds of great features. You’ll love it as much as we do!

Monthly Q&A calls (you submit your questions and we answer live). Calls are recorded.
Digital Photo Organizing (DPO) Course + Photo Mechanic training
DPO Certification
– Our private active community of like-minded entrepreneurs
Excellent search tool in the forum so you can easily and quickly find answers to your questions.
– We talk candidly about pricing and how to be profitable

We definitely keep up with ever-changing technology but we also make sure that we don’t position ourselves as tech support for specific products. We rely on contacting companies directly for tech support and of course, our best friend Google.

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Every moment you don’t spend doing what you love is a moment wasted.
Go after your passion for entrepreneurship and create a profitable photo organizing business!

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