Turn Your Passion for Photos
into a Profitable Career!

Eager to take your passion for pictures to the next level?
PPO Studio presents a comprehensive online course by photo organizers, for photo organizers.
Gain insight into building a prosperous photo organizing business,
and start working how you want and when you want with our trusted VIP business model.

Whether you’re just beginning as an entrepreneur,
or have an existing business you’d like to expand into the photo organizing sphere,
our course will help you successfully lay the groundwork.
Learn to build valuable client relationships, love your pricing,
master your languaging – and that’s just the beginning.

Watch the video below for an overview of this transformational course…

Sherra + Rita

We’ve found fulfillment in doing what we love… and now you can too!

Welcome to Profitable Photo Organizing!
We are thrilled to provide a stepping stone in your photo organizing journey, and we can’t wait to see your business manifest and transform! This course has been a labor of love which we’ve poured every ounce of our hearts into.

We’ve jam-packed this course with what we’ve learned over many years. Using the same methods we’re going to teach you, we built photo organizing businesses that offer luxury services, make a difference in people’s lives and memories, and that provide us with personal freedom and fulfillment.

And now, we want you to experience the same success!

We are both certified photo organizers and work with VIP clients, all while creating valuable resources to help ambitious individuals like you bring your photo organizing business to the next level. For more than 8+ years, we’ve been training and coaching photo organizers and now we will be sharing the soft skills training that’ll propel you towards success using the VIP business model!

In just nine modules, you’ll gain access to priceless knowledge that’ll bring your business groundbreaking success. Here are just a few things you’ll learn throughout the course:

Modules 1, 2, and 3

Garner the confidence to be clear with:

•Your personal income goal
•Your VIP business model
•Identifying and building relationships with your own VIP clients – no need for cold calls, emails, social media, or craft fairs.

You’ll learn to seamlessly and boldly run your business with these power-packed strategies!

Modules 4, 5, and 6

Discover who your ideal clients are and gain the tools to effectively do business with them.

•Establish profitable pricing that you’re comfortable with
•Develop your pricing language

•Plan your ‘Magic Lunch Dates

With all these tools in hand, you’ll be ready to connect and engage with your potential clients and implement the knowledge you’ve learned to foster lucrative connections.

Modules 7, 8, and 9

When you reach this stage, you’ll understand:

•How to set up impressive email templates
•Effectively follow up, and…

•Collect prepayment for your very first Discovery Session with your ideal VIP client

With practice and persistence, you’ll have a firm grasp on communicating your expectations when you work;
and feel confident with the signature system that you have in place!

Don’t waste another moment frozen in the process of launching your business.

The tools you need are right in front of you!

The days of waiting for the ‘right moment’ to go after what you want are over.

Say goodbye to the worry and overwhelm of trying to find clients.

Don’t settle for less than what the value of your services are worth.

Refresh your system and start doing business the right way!

Module 1
10 Business Fundamentals

Know your numbers and reaffirm the reason you are implementing a VIP business model. You will not focus on social media. You will focus on business fundamentals.

Module 2
Connect & Engage

Listen to role plays and follow a success formula to confidently tell others about your VIP business. You will use your course workbook and complete the worksheets.

Module 3
Find Your People

Your new VIP model is taking shape. The list of 10 potential VIP clients to contact is NOT a cold call list but a list of people we help you develop. We guide you on where to find them!

Module 4
Pricing Confidence -“Why”

Perfect your response to the question “how much do you charge?” and….your answer has nothing to do with the project. Estimating and quoting are things of the past. You are introduced to the “Discovery Session.”

Module 5
Pricing Confidence -“How”

This might end up being your favorite module! Learn your new session rate that will match your income goal. Profitability is around the corner! Included is a role play with frequently asked questions about pricing.

Module 6
Magic Lunch Date

Connect with your top 3 potential ideal clients on your list (from module 3). You will set up your email & follow up templates and add your own voice. Two role plays will help you perfect your language choices.

Module 7
Magic Lunch Date-Now What?

Discover the value of keeping good client communication records from the beginning (sample included). Two role plays will guide you through your Magic Lunch Date.

Module 8
Follow up

Use your email templates to follow up and the guide will tell you which follow up template to use based on Magic Lunch Date outcomes. New language choices too!

Module 9
Closing the Sale

Implement & celebrate your new system!  Sample invoices are included in the Billing Guide. Collection of prepayment for all future projects is your new normal!


Karrie Converse-Jones Founder of TurningLeaf Curation Services

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I LOVE your course! I am getting so much out of it and can act on it so quickly. I enjoy that it is self-paced (though it’s more of a 5-day course for me than 28 days!).

As I shared with Sherra, I spent A LOT of money last year on an executive coach that told me this business wouldn’t amount to anything. I am feeling much more confident about my business, what I’m charging, and how to tell people about the clients I am looking for (I was so tired of apologizing for my pricing – no more!). We did cover some of the same ground last year so I tell myself it wasn’t a total loss, but I wish I would have found you both last year! 😉

This is a really well-done package! Thank you both!


Jenny Herrero Founder of Storyteller Pro

…my “one and done” projects resulted in barely making any money for my time and my clients not valuing my services. Sherra and Rita gave me the short-cut to pinpointing my target VIP clients, which have helped sustain my business and make more money….resulting in a happier work life.


Julie Kessler Founder of Picture This Organized

Good news is that I truly am following the VIP model, incorporating the elements you mentioned (phone consult, discovery session, pre-paying to get into my work queue, client agreement, a successful billing process). I have 5 VIP clients, am at pace for $100k+ this year and may add another employee. …this has been accomplished by following the VIP model learned from the two of you

What’s also been amazing is that this model has worked even with health issues, weddings, graduation, vacations & puppies! I have complete control of who I help, what we do, how much time I work, etc!


Lisa Winningkoff Founder of LisaWinningkoff.com

I’m happy to say that phone pre-assessments don’t make me sweat the way they once did. In the past, I was worried about what I was going to say … and it was ALWAYS too much and too technical/business-y (new word).

At Sherra and Rita’s suggestion, I placed a little sign on my desk and among other things it says, “I use softer language,” and “I keep the details to myself.” Now that I’m focused on connecting and engaging, it’s all about them, and I don’t worry what to say because they now do the majority of the talking. I’m working on listening better, keeping it non-business-y, and not overwhelming them.

I think it’s working! I have a new Discovery Session scheduled for next week. Whoop!


Philip & Susan Griffith Founders of PSG Photo Solutions

The first two modules are really great and you are right, it’s always good to hear the same things over again. I tend to wander off the path. I really liked how you demonstrated the difference between One and done/DIY and the VIP with how many clients spending X amount will get you to your income goal.


Kristin Krebs Founder of Photos in Place

I LOVE my pricing! There was a point in time not too long ago where I was thinking of lowering my starting rate. However, after taking PPO and truly realizing my worth I didn’t do it. I am so happy because I have had 2 possible VIP clients who I have been working with and neither batted an eyelash at my pricing!!

Success won’t fall in your hands – you’ve got to work for it…

Our Profitable Photo Organizing course makes working for it easy!

Simple. Sophisticated. Effective.

Through each module, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to make your business thrive:

  •  Course calendar
  •  Course workbook
  •  10 email templates
  •  Sample client agreement
  •  Billing guide
  •  Role plays
  •  Progress records

Whether your business is bare bones, or you’re eager to relaunch your current business,
you’ll experience the same game-changing result:

Course Schedule

When you enroll, all nine modules will be available to you immediately.
For the most effective results, we highly recommend that you pace yourself and follow our 28-day course calendar.

You have the freedom and flexibility to begin when it works for you!

“Step out of the history that is holding you back.
Step into the new story you are willing to create”
– Oprah Winfrey

The days of waiting for the ‘right moment’ to go after what you want are over.

Say goodbye to the worry and overwhelm of trying to find clients.

Don’t settle for less than what your services are worth.

Refresh your system and start doing business the right way!

Every moment you don’t spend doing what you love is a moment wasted.

Go after your passion for photos, and turn your happiness into a profitable career!

We know you’ll experience success with our VIP business model.
And if not, you won’t pay a dime!


We have used this exact system to build our profitable VIP photo organizing businesses. We know this signature system works. If you follow the course modules and do the work you will see a transformation with a VIP business model and find your ideal clients. If you are not satisfied we will refund 100% of your money. All we ask is that you complete and submit your 3 progress records and complete a course exit interview. Request for refund must be submitted by email within 28 days of course purchase.

Questions? Please click here.